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You don't want to do all this great cleansing and then load up the space with chemicals.By applying the urban planning model to office space design, the ideal office layout should have both private and public meeting spaces, private office and more public ones (cubicles), and various passageways to allow for easy traffic flow, such as hallways and corridors. Bagua is a Chinese word that translated means an "8-sided figure" or octagon shaped. This figure is then divided into segments, like a pie, with a center piece-giving you nine areas. Think of a tic-tac-toe board. These nine areas are then assigned names, colors, shapes and an element that corresponds to an assigned life area. The nine life areas are: Career/Life Path, Knowledge/Spirituality, Family, Wealth/Abundance, Success/Fame/Luck, Relationships, Creativity/Kids, Helpful People/Travel, and Health/Well-Being. For furniture, accessories, pictures and/or un-needed office supplies, see if you can donate them to a school, non-profit or even a company rummage sale. Once you've done a purge, do a thorough cleaning-natural, eco-friendly cleaners please. Additionally, it does not make economic sense to save a small amount of money on design and construction that results in the need to lease or purchase expensive cabinet room dividers and head walls. Planning an office space layout is not unlike urban planning, in that people need both public and private spaces to function adequately and productively. If they want a picture of their baby, office space planning needs to take this into account. Essentially, interior office design must allow for ample individuality within a workspace. Think about instead of squirreling the receptionist away behind glass or even an imposing counter, we place them at a desk instead? Isn't this the way the finest hotels set up their concierge staff? They have a secretary (desk not assistant), a phone, computer monitor, and usually a couple of chairs for clients, and they interact on a very human level to make the guest at the hotel feel at home and assist them in making their stay more rewarding. The following tips can help when looking for the best office design elements to use in any corporate office building. Office Interior Design 辦公室設計公司 Interior Design Company A creative marketing agency wants complete control over how their office will operate and how it will feel as a place of work. The office need to fit in with the way they want to work. The challenge is in finding an office design company to give you the flexibility and freedom to work the way you wish. The amount of space available is also important for determining how many furnishings can be added and still allow adequate room for work flow.